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Italian Beer & Wine


San Giovese Fico Grande - Nestoli - Glass 7.9 | Caraf 15.8 | Bottle 29

Emilia Romagna- House wine. Strawberry, Plum, Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla, Raw Almond, Cedar and blackberry

Cabernet Sauvignon - Fantinel - Glass 9.5 | Caraf 19 | Bottle 35

Friuli- Ruby red with violet highlights, spicy aromatics engaging layers of red fruits, floral undertones and almonds. The finish is warm and elegant.

Lambrusco Otello - Ceci - Glass 12 | Caraf 23 | Bottle 32

Emilia Romagna- Sparkling Dry, served cold. Elegant and creamy, combined with pleasant acidity and significantly greater scents of blackberry, must and violet

Chianti Montalbano - Faltognano - Glass 12 | Caraf 23 | Bottle 39

Toscana- A fruity bouquet with inkling of cherry. The taste is gentle, fresh and harmonic thanks to an appropriate balance of alcohol, tannins and acidity

Pinot Nero - Salleg - Glass 12 | Caraf 23 | Bottle 39

Alto Adige- Brilliant ruby red expressive bouquet of cherries, violets and marizpan, cherry fruit on the palate, smooth with elegant tannis

Super Tuscany - Modus - Bottle 41

Toscana- Wine of great power with an intense ruby red color. Notes of coffee, cocoa, licorice, berries, black cherry, vanilla. A blend of 5 red grapes. 

Amarone Valpolicella - Sartori - Bottle 94

Veneto- Velvety red wine. Dried fruits, raisins and cocoa notes. Round and full-bodied with a cinnamon spice finish

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Chiaretto Bertarose - Bertani - Glass 10 | Caraf 20 | Bottle 38

Veneto- Fresh aromas of pomegranate and redcurrants with notes of white flowers. Decisive on the palate, to be served cold. 

Sparkling Rose' - Lamberti - Bottle 32

Veneto- Blend of Pinot Bianco, Raboso and Pinot Nero. The vibrant nose has fresh strawberry aromas in spades along with a lighter floral undertone


Pecorino Riseis - Agriverdi - Glass 7.9 | Caraf 15.8 | Bottle 29

Abruzzo- House wine. Organic, delicate scents of peach, sage, broom flower and whitethorn acacia, balsamic herbs. A pleasantly bitter almond finish

Chardonnay - Principi di Buttera - Glass 9.5 | Caraf 19 | Bottle 35

Sicilia- Clean, Aromas of citrus and pineapple. Full flavored with fresh acidity and flavors of tropical fruits

Pinot Bianco - Kettmeier - Glass 12 | Caraf 23 | Bottle 39

Alto Adige- Dry floral fragrance of wisteria and a fruity sensation of green apples

Prosecco Docg - Del Collalto - Glass 12 | Caraf 23 | Bottle 39

Veneto- Sparkling extra dry with a hint of pear in the taste. Orange blossom, tangerine and almond. This is very aromatic with plush, sweet notes on the nose. 

Ferrari Brut - Cantine Ferrari - Bottle 32

Alto Adige- A sparkling wine of pronunced finesse 100% Chardonnay. A fresh and intense bouquet, with a broat fruity note of Golden apples and white flowers

Sweet & Cocktails

 Mimosa - Glass 11 | Caraf 22

Prosecco with Orange Juice or Sorbet variation

Moscato D'asti - Pio Cesare - Bottle 32

Piemonte- Cold, semi-sweet, lightly sparkling wine made from Moscato grapes

Beer List

Italian Classic

 Peroni Nastro Azzurro - $5 | IBU - 24 | ABV 5.1%

Euro Pale Lager 12oz | Lazio- Clean, crisp and refreshing taste, balanced aroma and pale, golden colour reminiscent of Prosecco

Moretti Bionda - $5 | IBU 12 | ABV 4.6%

Euro Pale Lager 12oz | Friuli- Produced using a traditional process since 1859. A mixture of valuable hops, that gives a unique fragrance, intensifying the slight bitter flavor

Moretti La Rossa - $5.5 | IBU 16 | ABV 7.2%

Amber double malt 12oz | Friuli- A double malt amber beer produced using 100% high quality barley malt. Full, caramelized malt flavor and an intense aroma of roasted malt