Gelato and Desserts


Try our delicious Homemade Gelato and Sorbets that made us famous. We apply only the most well-known Italian techniques in making the Gelato with the freshest Ingredients. Maurizio and Barbara are Certified and have graduated from the best Italian Gelato Schools. Available for Catering, Events and Wholesale

Gelato and Sorbets (cup or wafer cup/cone)



one $3.50two $5.20three $6.60four $7.60shot (1 mini scoop) $2.90

Gelato Flight

5 mini scoops on tray

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Gelato Sandwich

Italian vanilla or chocolate cookie with gelato


Gelato Burger

warm sweet bun with 1 or 2 gelato flavors

add homemade whipped cream or toppings/sauces +$0.70

Coppa di Vitaly (Sundae)


Gelato Spaghetti

Gelato spaghetti shape, strawberry sauce, white chocolate or coconut


Fruit and Sorbets

3 scoops gelato/sorbets with berries and chocolate sauce


Creamy Variations

3 scoops of gelato with homemade whipped cream, chocolate sauce and Hazelnut pralines


Banana Split Vitaly Style

3 scoops gelato, banana, homemade whipped cream and nuts


Take Me Home




Pint and Half



16oz - Gelato Milkshake blended with your choice of Milk


Sicilian Granita

when available


Gelato Cakes

for all occasions
(available upon request)